International Summit for The Study of Information

Information serves as a vital natural resource, essential not only for humans but also for all living beings. Moreover, the transformation of raw information into complex products such as knowledge, strategy, and intelligence elevates its significance within human society. Understanding information processes is thus imperative in the current era.

The International Summit for The Study of Information (ISSI) is a biannual series of international conferences aimed at uniting experts worldwide to exchange ideas, share progress, explore future trends in the Information Discipline, and foster collaborations to address new challenges. Previous Summits have attracted a large number of enthusiastic participants and achieved significant success.

Sponsor and Organizer of ISSI’2023

The Summit is sponsored by the International Society for the Study of Information (IS4SI) and cooperated by the editorial offices of MDPI Journals of Information, Entropy, Mathematics, and Philosophy, as well as by the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA). These organizations represent scientists, professors, engineers, technologists, managers, experts, and students worldwide in fields related to the study of information.

The 2023 International Summit on the Study of Information (ISSI’2023) is organized by IS4SI’s Chapter in Beijing, China, and will be held from Monday, August 14th to Friday, August 18th, 2023, in Beijing. The Summit will feature a series of academic fora, technical exhibits, and online/offline cooperative projects.

Call for Contributions

We invite all colleagues and friends interested in the study of information to submit abstracts of papers, each comprising a minimum of 2000 words. The submitted abstracts will undergo peer review by the Program Committees of the Summit, with selected abstracts being chosen for oral presentation. These abstracts will be published in the Summit Proceedings, and outstanding presentations will be considered for publication as book chapters in a series published by World Scientific, or recommended to renowned journals such as Information, Entropy, Mathematics, and Philosophy.

Theme of the ISSI’2023 Summit

The theme selected for the ISSI’2023 Summit by the sponsor and organizer is “Paradigm Change in the Information Discipline.” This theme addresses the significant divergence in scientific viewpoints and methodologies, termed “paradigm,” between the study of information discipline and the physical discipline. A lecture elucidating this theme will be scheduled at the opening session of the Summit.

Scope of the Summit

The scope of information science and technology, along with its potential applications, is extensive. The 2023 Summit encompasses the following forums:

Forum on Information Philosophy Forum on Information Science Forum on Information Technology (divided into two sections) Forum on the Information Economy Forum on the Information Society

For more detailed information on each forum’s topics, please refer to the provided list.

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission: by April 30, 2023
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: by May 15, 2023
  • Extended abstract submission: by June 15, 2023
  • Author registration: by July 15, 2023
  • Summit: August 14th – 18th, 2023

Tentative Time-Table for 2023 IS4SI Summit

Morning Sessions: Plenary Lectures / Technical Exhibits Afternoon Sessions: Forum Discussions

Each session may consist of one or more parallel sub-sessions, depending on the number of confirmed presentations.

Organizing Committees

International Advisory Committee, Conference General Chairs, Conference PC Chairs, Forum PC Chairs, and members of various program committees are listed for coordination and management.

For more information, including the detailed program, please visit the provided link.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to the success of the ISSI’2023 Summit!